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Calor Gas Bottles

Calor Gas Bottles

We stock an extensive range of Propane and Butane cylinders and Calor lite.

All of our cylinders are available for collection only, call 01377 259222 to arrange.


3.9kg Propane

3.9kg Propane - Order Number 210039

Used for blow torches and other small machinery.

6kg Propane

6kg Propane - Order Number 210060

Used for small machinery and caravans.

13kg Propane

13kg Propane - Order Number 210030

Used for heating and mobile catering, caravans, BBQ's etc.

19kg Propane

19kg Propane - Order Number 210090

Used for heating, cooking and catering.

47kg Propane

47kg Propane - Order Number 210070

Used for central heating, space heaters and cooking.


7kg Butane

7kg Butane - Order Number 110071

Used for gas heaters / fires.

12kg Butane

12kg Butane - Order Number 110120

Used for gas heaters / fires and BBQ's.

15kg Butane

15kg Butane - Order Number 110150

Used for gas heaters / fires and BBQ's.

Propane Patio & Lite

5kg Propane Patio

5kg Propane Patio - Order Number 210051

Used for gas heaters / fires.

13kg Propane Patio

13kg Propane Patio - Order Number 210131

Used for gas heaters / fires and BBQ's.

6kg Propane Lite

6kg Propane Lite - Order Number 210066

Used for gas heaters / fires, BBQ's & Caravans.

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